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Family Owned and operated by Nick and Lisa Catalano based in Martinsburg WV. Master Dry, LLC is an owner operated restoration service company situated in the Eastern Panhandle of WV. Master Dry, LLC, provides water damage restoration services to the Eastern and Northern Panhandles in WV as well as serving the Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania, surrounding areas. We offer professional certified service backed by years of experience. Our expertise at flood damage restoration is unmatched. We are an Clean Trust Certified firm.

As members of the Clean Trust, we are held to very strict standards. We use advanced equipment and state of the art technology to give you the absolute best service available anywhere. We work closely with the insurance industry to provide fast, thorough and cost effective water damage restoration services to the property owner. We strive to achieve optimum results in all situations.

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As part of our effort to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, we are eager to receive your frank evaluation of our service. If you have had work done by MasterDry in the past and would like to help us improve our service, please take a few minutes to complete the following questionnaire, and thank you for allowing MasterDry to be a part of your recovery.


Carrie Yeakle
Carrie Yeakle
Carrie comes to MasterDry from the building industry
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Cujo and Vegas
Cujo and Vegas are the true owners of


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When Disaster Strikes

Our licensed, experienced staff knows how to remove the water and ruined items from the area and will immediately get to work on reconstructing any pieces of your home irreparably damaged by the chaos. We know just how devastating it can be to lose your home or irreplaceable personal items, and our first priority is to make certain we try to rescue as much of your living space as we possibly can. On call day or night to deal with your emergency needs, we offer free estimates, state-of-the-art equipment, and will bill your insurance company directly, freeing you from the hassle of bureaucracy. Emergency situations may be frightening and overwhelming, but having a plan to deal with the worst case scenarios is often the best way to find peace of mind in an uncertain world. Make us your first call, and we'll come up with a solution to even the biggest nightmares.

Water, Fire or Mold

Call MasterDry if your house has been damaged by water, repairing the problems may not happen overnight. While issues resulting from a broken pipe or hot water heater can often be fixed fairly quickly and contained to one or two areas of the home, problems due to flooding, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and overflowing lakes and rivers can run rampant through your property. That's why it's our goal to respond to your call as quickly as possible and begin work on the areas that need attention the most. We know that every day your family has to spend away from home is full of extra worry, anxiety, and challenges. Our knowledgeable staff will work efficiently, while still giving you the quality repair job you need at the price you want, allowing your family to restore a sense of normality and security as soon as possible.

Crime Scene, Biohazard

Specializing in trauma and crime scene cleanup, while offering wide range of other decontamination services to commercial, residential and governmental clients, Master Dry is home to area’s best trained bio-recovery and crime scene technicians. From murder and homicide to suicide and undiscovered body removal our technicians are here to help you in a difficult time. Master Dry technicians use state of the art equipment as well as the safest chemicals and decontamination materials on the market to ensure removal of all bio hazardous material for your safety as well as comply with the regulations of various governmental agencies including OSHA, the Department of Transportation and the EPA. With fully trained technicians in decontamination, deodorization and remediation, Master Dry’s staff can adapt to most any incident or circumstance. If you have questions about bio-hazard cleanup or decontamination services, check out our frequently asked questions section or contact us today.