Our licensed, experienced staff knows how to remove the water and ruined items from the area and will immediately get to work on reconstructing any pieces of your home irreparably damaged by the chaos. We know just how devastating it can be to lose your home or irreplaceable personal items, and our first priority is to make certain we try to rescue as much of your living space as we possibly can.

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Vandalism & Graffiti

Vandalism & Graffiti

Vandalism & Graffiti Vandalism & Graffiti also known as malicious destruction of property. It can be as simple as a broken window to spray paint on a brick wall. Starting the clean up quickly is important in restoring
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SEWAGE CLEAN UP *Trained and Certified by IICRC Sewage and storm overflows are one of the most common forms of property damages that occur each year. A lot of the projects that we arrive at have some sort of
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Biohazard *Trained by ABRA - (American Bio-Recovery Association) The professional staff at MasterDry can help a grieving family by dealing quickly and effectively with a trauma cleanup. Our employees are sensitive to a family's grief, and will thoroughly
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Nick and Lisa Catalano

About us

Family Owned and operated by Nick and Lisa Catalano based in Martinsburg WV. Master Dry, LLC is an owner operated restoration service company situated in the Eastern Panhandle of WV. Master Dry, LLC, provides water damage restoration services to the Eastern and Northern Panhandles in WV as well as serving the Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania, surrounding areas.

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The service was great! Thank you so much!

We were very impressed with the professionalism of the techs. In addition, they made us feel like we were the company’s most important customer. They kept us informed every day of progress. Thanks for a great job.

Speed of response was phenomenal! Quality of service was exceptional! Care and concern were beyond belief. A great response to a grim situation!

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If your house has been damaged by water, repairing the problems may not happen overnight. While issues resulting from a broken pipe or hot water heater can often be fixed fairly quickly and contained to one or two areas of the home, problems due to flooding, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and overflowing lakes and rivers can run rampant through your property. That's why it's our goal to respond to your call as quickly as possible and begin work on the areas that need attention the most. We know that every day your family has to spend away from home is full of extra worry, anxiety, and challenges. Our knowledgeable staff will work efficiently, while still giving you the quality repair job you need at the price you want, allowing your family to restore a sense of normality and security as soon as possible.

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Trained and Certified In Numerous Fields:

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Flood Waters or Standing Waters

Infectious Diseases For more detailed information, see CDC’s Infectious Disease After a Disaster page. Diarrheal Diseases Eating or drinking anything contaminated by flood water can cause diarrheal disease. To protect yourself and your family, Practice good hygiene (handwashing) after contact with flood waters. Do not allow
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Mold growth, assessment, and remediation

Health effects Molds are ubiquitous, and mold spores are a common component of household and workplace dust. In large amounts they can be a health hazard to humans, potentially causing allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Some molds produce mycotoxins that can pose serious health risks to
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The Risks of Sewage Backups

It’s among the worst plumbing problems anyone can imagine. While big leaks or exploding pipes definitely aren’t pleasant, having sewage backing up your pipes into your home or basement is something most homeowners wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy. But it’s a problem that many people
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Certifications & Affiliations

EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm
ABRA Certified
thecleantrust Certified
National Institute of Decontamination Specialists
WV Dept of Ed